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Heroes, Villains, and Healing (Self-Help Ebook)

As a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and a public educator, I have come to realize that everyone deserves the opportunity to heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the financial means to seek healing. Something seemingly as simple as purchasing a book can be an obstacle for some. It is for this reason I have made the audiobook and Ebook versions of my self-help books available for as little as $.99 using a donation based digital download. A description of each title is provided below.

Winner of four national indie book awards!

Heroes, Villains, and Healing is a guide to help male survivors of childhood sexual abuse understand and heal from the trauma of their past using DC Comic Book superheroes and villains.

This helpful book is divided into three parts. The first is "Heroes," which explains how some coping strategies of male survivors are similar to the archetypes of such DC superheroes as Superman, Batman, and the Flash.

The second part, "Villains," examines how other coping strategies may not be as positive, having traits and attitudes of villains such as Lex Luthor and the Joker.

"Healing" is the final part, which explains how striving to live the life of a hero or a villain can be sustainable. To truly heal from childhood sexual abuse means working through the stages of healing and receiving help from a therapist or counselor. This final section includes writing exercises and examples that help male survivors know they are not alone, as they come to terms with their abuse and heal from past trauma.

The book was written to help male survivors open up about their abuse, seek help, and stop suppressing their trauma through drug and alcohol abuse, or suicide.

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